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Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

Reveal the real you

Our Pico Laser Tattoo Removal system will bring out the most naturally beautiful version of yourself, by removing the pigmentation from unwanted tattoos from your skin, and promoting the regenerating of your natural skin tone. Pico Laser allows for less than half the regular amount of session from traditional tattoo removal and allows for a less painful and safer method.


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It’s ok to change your mind on a tattoo. There is a blank canvas underneath just waiting for you! If you have any skin artwork that you are ready to say goodbye to, or to improve your chances of a clearer cover-up tattoo, we have the solution for you! Let our Pico Laser Tattoo Removal help bring back your natural skin beneath in just a few short sessions. Help to fix:


What To Expect

Remove old tattoos
Recover your natural skin below
Faster, shorter session
Reduced risk of irritation and scarring
Quick results
Remove both old and newer tattoos
Instantly firmer, plumper skin
Faster healing time

How it works

No regrets, just fresh beginnings!

Laser those tattoos away with our Pico Laser Tattoo Removals. This system uses a handheld device to deliver precise and targeted high-powered short pulses to eliminate only the ink particles in the skin. Your body will then carry on the work of removing these particles once treated. This system is so accurate and fast, that it minimizes irritation and skin reactions, reduces discomfort and delivers exceptionally fast results.



Let’s help you say goodbye to yesterday

Skin undergoing tattoo removal cannot have had any direct sun exposure in the past month. Following the treatment, various topical ointments and products can be recommended to assist the healing process. The area must then be protected from UV and surface irritation until the following treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors which affect the number of sessions that will be required. This will also be determined on how well your skin reacts to the treatment. We will need to see your skin to determine the best way to achieve these results.

This will be determined on how big the tattoo is and how much ink there is, as well as the colour of ink to be removed.

This will be determined on how big the tattoo is and how much ink there is, as well as the colour of ink to be removed.

After the initial healing period, you will notice significant results after just one session, with increased results following subsequent sessions.

Our Pico Laser allows a significant drop in discomfort levels compared to traditional methods. The level of discomfort you experience will depend on the location of the tattoo, how much ink there is to remove and each individual’s tolerance to the treatment.

Our Pico Laser system is suitable for most skin types, which we can assess during your in-person consultation.


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