Fractional RF


Reclaim a firmer, plumper, younger skin.

Turn on the radio frequency and turn up the results! Our Fractional RF Skin Tightening technique will visibly improve your skin in as little as two weeks. This treatment accelerates your skin’s natural healing response to allow long-lasting results that will get everyone asking what your secret is.


Recommended For

Our Fractional RF Skin Tightening treatment targets those early signs of aging from the inside out. Aimed at bringing out the best in your skin’s natural anti-aging process, it is your go-to for:


What To Expect

Tightened skin
Minimized stretch marks
Reduced pore size
Reduced signs of aging
Reverse sun damage
Less visible scarring
Diminished lines and wrinkles
Firmer and smoother texture
Promotes natural healing

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Before & After

How it works

Filters are great, but great skin is better.

The Fractional RF is an innovative new skin treatment which uses a combination of micro-needling and high-tensioned radio frequency pulses emitted into the dermis to stimulate new cell regeneration, hydrate and refresh the skin, and promote natural collagen production. The fractional radio frequency resurfacing targets the deep layers of your skin with non-specific heat, promoting skin cell regeneration from the inside out.



Aging is unavoidable, but looking your age is not.

To give your skin the best possible protection, you will need to avoid excessive sun and UV exposure, as well as spray tans or abrasive skin treatments in the two weeks prior to your sessions. Makeup should be avoided directly after the treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

3-6 sessions will be required depending on desired results and skin type.

Each session takes approximately 30-60 minutes.

Any irritation or redness usually subsides after a couple of hours, so long as sun exposure is avoided for at least the next week.

You will start to see results in the first two weeks following your first session, with continued results over the following months.

Some irritation, heat or redness has occurred following this treatment, which is remedied by purified cool mist sprays. This will usually only be experienced for the initial few hours following the treatment, with some dryness occurring in the following days.

Fractional RF treatments typically last anywhere up to five years, with the longest results occurring when regular professional skin treatments are used.


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