Medi-Aesthetic Peels

Medi-Aesthetic Power Peels

Peel away the years.

Reveal the best version of yourself and improve your skin’s texture and tone with our selection of medi-aesthetic power peels. Our peels will boost your natural collagen and improve your skin’s natural potential, giving you a fresh and youthful complexion whilst fighting the enzymes which damage your skin’s natural elasticity.


Recommended For

Our medi-easthetic peels are suitable for different skin types and concerns, with an appropriate peel available for any unwanted imperfections including:


What To Expect

Each of our medi-aesthetic peels are designed to reveal your most natural and healthiest complexion, with the Vitamin A Professional Power Peel, the TCA 15% and the Berry Pigment Control Peel containing 5 natural berries, the strength and effectiveness of this treatment will be tailored to your specific skin goals. This treatment has the ability to:

Improve fine lines
Reduce signs of aging
Visibly reduces redness & rosacea
Improve hyperpigmentation and dark spots
Exfoliate dead skin cells
Reduce wrinkles
Reverse sun damage
Reduce the appearance of scarring
Provide firmer and smoother skin texture
Minimize pores
Brighten your complexion
Increase your skin’s elasticity

How it works

Strip away life’s imperfections.

Our medi-aesthetic power peels are done by applying the powerful solutions to your skin, which strips away the old and damaged skin, and facilitates the natural production of fresh cells, with younger, healthier and brighter skin. This treatment is not so much a peel, and more a restoration of your skin’s natural potential.

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Reveal your true self.

To get the maximum results from your treatment, you will be asked to avoid any cosmetic injections or active skin care products in the 3 days leading up to your session. You will need to avoid sun exposure before and after your treatment. We would love to discuss the best way to maximize your results with you in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions will depend on your skin type which we will discuss with you at your appointment.

Each session will take about 60-90 mins

Different peels are available for different skin types, however certain peels will not be suitable for pregnant of breastfeeding women. We will find the perfect peel or suitable treatment for you during a skin assessment.

This treatment can take up to 10 days depending on your skin type, with results continuing to appear as your new skin regenerates.

Some clients have said there is a mild tingling sensation during the treatment, however a medi-aesthetic peel carried out by an experience professional should never be painful.

Certain peels will benefit from certain products used in conjunction with the treatments, however there are certain precautions to take to keep your skin healthy and safe, which we will discuss with you.


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