Carbon Peel


Gently exfoliates, clears and purifies your skin.

Get the Hollywood look with our completely non-invasive, pain free and gentle treatment which will instantly leave you refreshed, glowing and naturally beautiful. After just one session you will see a brighter, clearer and younger skin, and you will wonder where all those blackheads and imperfections went!

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They don’t call it the “China Doll Peel” for nothing! Achieve skin as clear and smooth as porcelain by gently exfoliating and removing oil and blemishes to reveal a smooth and fresh complexion. The Carbon Peel is able to deeply purify and cleanse even the deepest of pores and trouble areas. Say goodbye to:


What To Expect

A vibrant, glowing complexion
Clearer and tighter pores
Clear away blackheads
Reduced acne and blemishes
Reduce unwanted pigmentation
Stimulates collagen production
Diminished lines and wrinkles
Firmer, smoother skin
Heal sun damaged skin

How it works

Long-lasting clearer, brighter and smoother skin

This is a two-step treatment which begins by applying a layer of gentle carbon to the skin. Our Pico Laser then targets these carbon particles, gently blasting away oil, dead skin cells, blackheads and impurities from the skin. This treatment is non-invasive, yet effective enough to deeply purify the skin and achieve long-lasting clearer, brighter and smoother skin.

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Simple and easy care.

Like every healthy complexion, we recommend protecting your skin from excessive UV to maintain the best results and protect your skin from future damage. Extend and maximise your treatment by asking us about our selection of serums and add-ons to compliment this treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

One session is all it takes to see results however for maximum effect, regular sessions are recommended.

Each session will take approximately 30-40 minutes

There is no down-time following this treatment however some clients may experience some redness for an hour or so.

Results can last several years, as long as you continue to love and protect your skin. We would love to recommend the best treatment plan to get the results you desire.

The Carbon Peel is completely pain-free, as our Pico laser targets the carbon particles exclusively.

The Carbon Peel is so gentle that it is suitable for most skin types.


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