Fibroblast Plasma


Instant non-surgical skin lifting

It’s never too early to age elegantly. Botox and other cosmetic procedures can alter and damage your face’s natural expressions. With our Fibroblast Plasma treatment, you can have the young, fresh, and firm face and body of your dreams, without compromising your natural beauty and expression. Our Fibroblast Plasma Skin Lift treatment restores your skin’s natural firmness and elasticity, creating and instant lift and contraction of saggy skin, droopy eyelids and floppy stomach area. This treatment stimulates the collagen-producing cells under your skin, as well as reversing the effects of scarring and stretchmarks, leaving you with a younger, firmer healthier you.


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Not interested in complex and expensive cosmetic surgery? Our Fibroblast Plasma Skin Lift takes away the invasive and painful surgical procedure, and replaces it with a non-surgical, fast and easy treatment that activates the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation process, rather than a nip-and-tuck. Target common areas of aging and skin damage including:


What To Expect

Smooths and tightens under-eye area
Tightens and flattens stomach, jowls and neck
Decreases nose size
Raises droopy eyelids
Lifts sagging skin
Reduced scarring
Diminished lines and wrinkles
Instantly firmer, plumper skin
Sculpts the neck, eyes and face

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Before & After

How it works

We rise by lifting others… and by lifting ourselves

Our special pen-like device uses a tiny electrical ironized charge known as a plasma charge, to instantly tighten and contract the targeted area. This plasma charge precisely targets your skin’s fibroblasts, stimulating a contraction of tissue without the device ever touching your skin. The skin is instantly lifted and toned, with the most amazing results visible after 2-3 months as your body’s collagen and elastin production is increased as part of the accelerated healing response.



Time to connect the dots.

As seen on celebrities around the world, the Fibroplast Plasma Skin Lift is famous for leaving tiny superficial marks that appear as small dots, signalling an accelerated healing response and instant tightening. These miniscule temporary surface micro-wounds mean there should be no UV expose or products with active ingredients for 1-2 weeks. These tiny dots will disappear as your body’s collagen production takes over. You should also avoid wearing any makeup or products that might irritate to area during this healing period. Avoid smoking to ensure your body’s healing process is not disturbed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Results are instant! One session is all you need for an instant lift, however most clients are more satisfied within 3 sessions.

Each session can take anywhere between 30-60 mins depending on the surface area.

The superficial dots and redness will disappear between 7 and 14 days. You should avoid covering the area with makeup for at least 2 days.

Your skin will instantly lift and tighten, however full results won’t be seen until up to 12 weeks following your treatment.

Treatment is long-lasting however you can maintain the results for even longer by sticking to a good skin-care regime, avoiding sun exposure and staying hydrated. Scar and stretch mark reduction is permanent.

We will assess your skin to determine if this is the best treatment for you, however if you know of any reason that your body may not heal quickly, than this treatment may not be appropriate for you. Skin with certain levels of melanin and certain skin types will not be suited to this treatment. It is also not advised if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The technology used in this treatment is focussed on causing minimal discomfort, however some clients choose to use a numbing cream to eliminate any irritation. Some clients might experience some tenderness, especially on sensitive areas, with others experiencing no pain or discomfort at all.